Creator: This map is created by Erebus who's other maps are Underground, Totsand and GDRS.

The Basics: No doubt called Penguin for its theme of ice and snow; you find yourself in a really good looking frozen base camp or facility of some kind. If it hadn't been so big it would have felt a lot like the Antarctic research facility from John Carpenter's movie The Thing. And that sure would have been awesome to see The Thing jump out of nowhere and kill all my friends, ha ha. Yes, a boy can dream can't he?

What We Like: Erebus has always made fun maps even back to the beginning with GDRS, but this one proves that he never stops learning and coming up with fresh creative ideas. The white snow and open air of this map provides great contrast to some of his darker more confined map, but still offers a great challenge with fun objectives that will have you opening tons of doors, connecting a power cable, activating a satellite, lowering bridges to traverse toxic waste and much more. The map looks really good and plays well especially if you are the kind of player that really likes to explore.

What We Didn't Like: This map just has standard WAW weapons and perks and that is kindof annoying since these days adding a variety of weapons to a map is just about standard and the stock weapon set is really getting boring. Also, the ending is one of the biggest trolls ever and makes you wonder if the mapper is making fun of the buyable ending at the expense of the players, and by the very end you'll probably be thinking, "This guy must hate me."

Final Word:  This map is a lot of fun and it's great to see Erebus making better and better maps. I just wish he'd join the rest of the world in 2014 and add some more modern weapons and features to his maps. Lastly, without friends this one will be hard to finish, so grab some friends before you try to tackle this one. At least that way you'll have someone's shoulder to cry on when you get to the "end".


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Here are some basic strategies in case you are having trouble with this map.