Version 2.1 - No Quad Zombies, Yes Scavenger wonder weapon


  Version 2.2 - Yes Quad Zombies, Yes Wave Gun wonder weapon


Creator: JBird632

The Basics: Before his map Lockdown JBird made this map called Overrun. Set in the same area as Lockdown, this close quartered industrial themed map will put your zombie skills to the test.

What We Like: The very first thing you'll notice about this map is that it looks SO good; JBird puts in the work detailing his maps to look fantastic and his skill is on full display here. He created his own Black Ops Mod for this map so that all of the Black Ops weapons and perks show up just like they would on a Treyarch map. There aren't really any good places to camp or run trains since each room and hallway has been measured and laid out perfectly to keep you from ever feeling safe. The best place to camp I found is all the way at the top of one of the buildings where the PAP machine is and there you will have a little room to work with as well as an electric trap to use when things get too crazy. He has a custom perk in the map called Vigor Rush which is essentially the best parts about Double Tap 2.0. Also, the Scavenger is in the mystery box which means get PHD or you will likely die an explosive death : )

"NEW" - On Version 2.2 JBird removed the "Scavenger" wonder weapon and instead put in the "Wave Gun" and it works almost just like the Wave Gun should, connect them as one rifle or dual wield them like 2 pistols!

What We Didn't Like: There could have been some objectives on this map to give you more to do, but that is really a minor complaint considering everything that this map does right. There is a perk limit too, so choose wisely.

Final Word: I can't stress enough how good this map looks and how balanced everything feels; it really does feel like a Black Ops 1 map similar to Kino Der Toten or Der Riese. I found a key somewhere on the map, but I must admit I never found out what it was supposed to open. Still, this map rocks and aside from a few minor issues this map is an outstanding effort that you will want to play again and again.


If you have any questions, comments or any of the links are broken please email me at tomikaze777@yahoo.com. Thanks : )