NUK370WN: Realism 1.2

Nuketown 600

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NEW!!! This is the last version of Nuketown that we will release, it has all of the fixes made to it regarding bugs that people have informed us about. Big thanks to TheRelaxingEnd and Syncist for showing us many of these bugs. We are now moving on to Industrial Estate so stay tuned for more. To watch my latest update video click here.

T4M is required to play this mod and any map with this mod on it; there was just no way around it given the number of features and amount of custom content in the mod. If you have trouble getting it to work try lowering your textures settings down from Ultra to High or Normal. Download T4M HERE

What is the Zombie Realism Mod 3.0?

Short answer: It's a mod that any mapper can put on their WAW custom zombie map which will give the map an incredible level of depth and purpose as the player gains XP, levels up their character and unlocks a variety of custom perks, guns, gun attachments and other fun surprises on your way to prestiging. All of your progress like XP, unlocks and stats will all carry over between the different maps that have the mod on it.

Full Description:

Character Classes: Choose from 5 character classes each with unique starting abilities and custom perks which you unlock as your character levels up.

The classes are Medic, Assault, Tank, Breacher & Demolitionist (Watch character class video)

XP and Prestiging: Rank up through 50 levels, unlocking new perks and starting weapons and for the real die-hards there are 10 prestige levels!

Game Modes: The more you prestige the more you unlock including guns and game modes like Insane Difficulty and a Realism mode were you don't regen any health but instead must pick up health orbs randomly dropped by zombies; this give zombies a more old school Doom and Quake feel to your game. (Watch Game mode video)

Weapons: What is a shooter without its guns? This mod boasts over 50 weapons which are fully upgradable with damage buffs and attachments allowing you to make each gun feel unique to you.

There are also 10 totally overpowered and amazingly fun guns which players can only get randomly through the supply drops system. (Watch special weapons video)

Enemy Types: Normal zombies, Acid Spitters, Exploding zombies, Nova Crawlers, Juggernauts (melee and mini-gun versions) & the BO3 Panzer Soldat.

Difficulty Settings: Changing the difficulty setting changes the price of the debris as well as the zombie’s health. Play on easy and the debris cost is cheap and the zombies start with low health but play on Insane and each debris is very expensive and the zombies start out tough and just get tougher. You will also gain XP at a higher rate the harder the difficulty you play at.

Special Achievements: There are 13 special achievements which are very challenging and will require extreme dedication in order to complete. Sometimes going for a high round just isn't enough so try for one of these intense challenges and bring new purpose to your zombie killing experience. With these achievements you unlock gun camos and character customization items. (Watch Achievements video)

Stat Tracking: The Zombie Realism Mod 3.0 keeps track of just about every stat you can think of allowing you to know exactly how you are doing at all times. Wanna know how many headshots you got this game, how many times you've hit the mystery box, how many explosive kills you got, perks bought, downs, revives, boss kills, and many more...we keep track of all of it for you.

From our stat menu you can also keep track of gun specific stats so you can know how often you use each gun, how well you do with them and what attachments you've unlocked for them –we wear our nerdiness like badge of honor. (Watch Stat tracking video)

What else is in the mod? Viewmodel ammo counter for g2a4, re45, the Kraber and the Titus-6, dual wield weapons including 3rd person animations, a supply drop system including the guard dog powerup, 4 different grenade types to unlock, the wrist launcher for the Demolitionist class, custom made wall buys, BO3 style pause menu with FOV slider and even some things that may go unnoticed like the first 4 rounds from the an94 fire at a higher rate, the cel3 fire rate increases when you hold down the trigger, the OHM shotty consumes 4 OHM lmg bullets per shot and that Maverick sniper rifle has a working target finder attachment.

How many maps? This mod is being released on 3 maps within the next few months: Nuketown, Industrial Estate & Greenhouse. Past that we are leaving it up to other people to keep this Realism Mod alive for the community.

Standalone Mod: This is a mod that you can add to your own map if you’d like it to have all the features listed above. If you aren’t sure how to do it then feel free to email me and I’ll send you the instructions on how to do it. (This feature is not yet available but will be soon)

Credits list – If you don’t see your name but you think you should be listed here then let me know.

Tomikaze – I had the idea for seeing an updated version of the Realism mod get made as well as many of the features that went into it. I also tested the mod once or twice ; )

BluntStuffy – The actual god and creator of the Realism Mod 3.0. His knowledge of scripting and creative problem solving are second to none. The amount of work that went into this project would have brought anyone else to their knees, but Blunt had no quit in him and absolutely worked his ass off to make this mod possible; on top of that he’s an outstanding human being. Blunt is also responsible for many of the ideas that eventually made it into this mod.

Mod contributors:

MikeVLC – letting us use NUK37OWN to introduce the mod to the community, being the guinea pig and getting everything working with horrible instructions! Big thanks!

Treminaor – Huge thanks for a custom version of the UGX installer! As well as scripting help in the past and the use of the UGX-style points HUD.

UGX in general

ElTitoPricus – the player models and viewhands and also responsible for doing 90% of the weapons for this mod. Huge thanks!

MAKECENTS – tons of scripting help/advice and being an awesome and helpful guy in general!

Offthewall – dual wield viewmodel-fx, some scripting help and helping out with 3rd person animations.

Whippytout – maya/rigging help and again being an incredibly good guy and helpful person in general!

StevieWonder87 – weapons, help and ideas and allowing us to use his map Industrial Estate for the Realism Mod! Also, going through all the pain of adapting the map for us while not even being actively modding (waw) anymore. Thanks dude!

RadimaX – made the custom menu backgrounds.

CHN – made the walking animation script, and again always being willing to help out.

XJimmy33 – testing, ideas and feedback.

DUKIP – Helped with menu scripting.

DTZxPorter and Modme

Aiden, Ray1235 and Scobalula for the Maya 2012 tools.

Zeroy – for the good old scripting reference.

Huruman – worldspawn and vision for NUK370WN.

Tudark – acid-zombie model

Mod testers:

JiffyNoodles & Nathiri – These guys are freakin’ heroes; they have tested so many versions of this mod that I am happy they still wanna talk to me : ) Their feedback was absolutely crucial to the success of this mod.

Rutenguten – mod testing

PSNtoonjuice – mod testing

ZE~Skullcrusher – mod testing

Match-Maker – mod testing

Mann – mod testing

MajorPwnege01 – mod testing

NateTheGreat987 – mod testing

MZslayer11 – mod testing

Conn6orsuper117 – mod testing

Hensot – Mod testing

Mxtxm – mod testing

There are also countless people who have contacted me personally view email and I can’t name them all but they know that they are loved.


If you have any questions or comments email me at: