Nacht der Toten Walder




Creator: Weezy428 (see the interview I did with him HERE)

The Basics: Weezy is a huge fan of Shi No Numa, so he set out to make his own swamp map and do it his way. This is the first map that he ever made, so what you are witnessing is the work of someone very new to mapping, however, it won't take you many seconds past the loading screen to realize that this guy has a level of mapping skills that very few mappers possess.

What We Like: I've never been a fan of swamp maps as I think they just look bland with too many shades of dark green and brown, but this map made a believer out of me. Yes it's a nasty, wet, miserable swamp that happens to look completely amazing! The level of  detail on this map is obsessive and professional to the extreme. But the map's greatness doesn't just end there. Weezy incorporated a fun and challenging easter egg in the map that will have you exploring the entire map before it's all over. The map layout is very fun and there aren't many areas that you will feel safe at so be prepared to run the whole time. There is a boss zombie that shows up randomly which will keep you from camping. Also, pay attention to the weather effects, they are pretty amazing as well.

What We Didn't Like: The staring area on this map is really hard, but after a some serious trial and error you should be able to open up enough of the map to give yourself some breathing room. I only list this as a negative because the difficulty may turn some people off, but stick with it. Also, there are just the standard WAW weapons and perks, so that may be a drawback for some people.

Final Word: This map just freakin' rocks and it's so amazingly well made. Sure, it doesn't have a lot of custom features, guns and perks that we've come to expect on more recent maps, but if that stops you from playing this then you are an idiot. It is going to be a hard map, but just being able to experience this map in all of its spectacular visual glory is its own reward. Yes, it may beat you into the ground many, many times, but that just means you get to play it again. Win-win.


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