MW2 Highrise

Highrise main

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Mapper: ItzTylerB123

The Basics: A great looking remake of the much loved Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map Highrise. This map will have you killing zombies from your favorite sniping areas as well as mulching the zombies in well placed choke points.

What We Like: From its well detailed office area inside the highrise with desks, papers, computers, etc to the exterior where you can look down off the top of the building into the complete nothingness below this map brings it’s A game in terms of detail and is really a great remake in that category. There is a variety of perks and weapons including the AE4, Thundergun and Scavenger. There is also an easter egg for people looking for some purpose in life past mass murder.

What We Didn't Like: The debris in the starting area are very expensive especially considering that you have no open room to run. This means you will either need to be a very good player or play with friends. Some of the guns like the AK47 did almost zero damage so be careful as you may not be able to rely on every weapon to be exactly like you remember it.

Final Word: Once you can open things up a bit it’s really fun and getting up onto the cranes is such a cool view. I love multiplayer remake and I hope to see more maps be Tyler in the future.



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