Mr Freeze: Heart of Ice

Heart of ice 1

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Creator: WhippyTrout; this map is a follow-up to his map last year called Christmas with the Joker

The Basics: Apparently there is NO stopping bad guys in Gotham City because freakin' Mr Freeze has broken out of Arkham Asylum – again! Let's just stop pretending that there is really any security at all at Arkham. Anyone who hasn't escaped already is probably just taking advantage of the free room and board and three square meals. Heck, maybe I wanna get put into Arkham, at least I'd get off the food, where did I put that freeze ray?

What We Like: The map really does capture the look of a city covered in snow and ice which it totally (wait for it) cool : ) There is a crazy awesome Batmobile ride that takes you around the map through tunnels, off ramps and through the air. There are custom player models and view hands, presents to open, a Riddle easter egg, ziplines and much more. There is also a ending but it is going to challenge you big time to find it.

What We Didn't Like: There is a lot of open space above ground to run around and circle up the zombies, so it may not feel very hard just to survive.

Final Word: With Christmas maps coming out of the woodwork it's nice to see someone make one that looks completely unique, and if you are a fan of the Batman universe this will be exactly what you wanted for Christmas this year.



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