Mini Labor 1


Created by: “Team 00” which is made up of YaPhi1l, Kampfschaf & Der WixXxer.

The Basics: Mini-Labor, short for Miniature Laboratory, is a map designed to showcase a mod being developed by “Team 00”, the same team behind Anstalt der Untoten. This map takes place in an abandoned laboratory which reminded me a whole lot like the continuous corridors of the hell infested ship from the sci-fi horror movie Event Horizon.

What we liked: Before even stepping foot into the map you are forced to choose what gun you'd like to start with out of 8 possibilities, this sets the tone for the very unique experience that is in front of you. (Sorry PPsh lovers, looks like your baby is sold out) After that there are no wall weapons whatsoever which make things EXTREMELY interesting. There is a custom skinned mystery box, an ammo machine that you can use but it has a cooldown so use it wisely, a custom PAP machine as well as an awesome way to get your perks of which there are 10! Perk lovers rejoice. There are also 10 powerup drops including firesale, bonfire sale and random perk drops. The map is made up almost entirely of custom models and textures which means that it absolutely will feel fresh and exciting right out of the box. There is also an easter egg to accomplish that will require some thinking and patience to complete.

What we didn't like: The hallways are very narrow and you will benefit greatly from having at least a friend or two with you to help with crowd control – not really a complaint, more of an observation. Also, for a map that looked so exciting and unique it probably deserved a longer more interesting easter egg. But if the map's purpose was mainly to showcase the mod then it did it's job just fine. Also, there are primarily stock WAW weapons, which given the modern/futuristic look of the map felt badly out of place.

Final Word: This map had me smiling from the time I loaded it up until the end; the end being the vast number of painful and lonely deaths I experienced. Curse you Satan's laboratory! With the large volume of custom features that this map has in it and the great visual presentation, it's easy to play this one for a long time without getting bored. Just be sure to make a crawler and appreciate the scenery and ambient noises that will intrigue and haunt you throughout your experience. Great job “Team 00”, can't wait to see what's next!


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