Millennium Falcon

Star wars 1

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Creator: Glitchelodeon

The Basics: Welcome to Star Wars. You find yourself inside everyone’s favorite ship the Millennium Falcon and these must be some special zombies because they seem to be able to withstand being turned inside out by the vacuum of space. Maybe they have a new perk, the persistent Organ Turn Inside Out Withstander...something like that.

What We Like: The mapper captured the sci-fi theme of being in a ship very well. The interior looks very cool and there is a lot of detail which makes it look really good. There is the Thompson of the wall, Storm Trooper player models, a zombie counter, a buyable ending custom textures and sliding doors as well as the PAP machine if you can survive long enough to unlock it.

What We Didn't Like: There are just the standard 4 WAW perks and standard WAW weapons. Could have really benefited from some newer gear and guns.

Final Word: A really good Star Wars adaptation and one that is challenging enough to keep you coming back.



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