Mcdonalds 1

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Created by: Blink-420 (legit mapper name, not fake, wink, wink – do you see me winking?)

The Basics: Welcome to America's favorite fast food eatery / lets go get explosive diarrhea for just a few bucks. Actually this map pretty well captures the experience of eating at McJiggles without the suicidal feeling afterward. Also, the typical god-awful employees are replaced with blood-thirsty zombies instead which is actually another huge step in the right direction.

What We Liked: This was a fun little map that has you fighting your way through and around an average McDonalds with Black Ops gun with custom skins and names and BO perks as well as Tranzit Zombies. There are a few doors to open. a Kino style teleporter, a PAP machine and a memorable buyable ending that will make you think twice before donating food to the less fortunate parts of the world.

What We Didn't Like: This map's not going to change your life although it is possible that you may pack on a few pounds just from playing it or you may experience an intense desire to wreck havoc on your insides by consuming food that is so vile that mold and cockroaches won't touch it.

Final Word: This map is fun for what it is and that is a few minutes of bliss before your computer's insides start backing up and churning with severe cramping and the pain and the bloating...god help me...



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