Magnus Map


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V.1 - xxxxx  Low detail, more camping spots (I no longer have this map)

V.2 - DOWNLOAD More detail, fewer camping spots (I no longer have this map)

Creator: The map maker is Magnus and this is his map.

The Basics: This map came out shortly after Dale's Dock which makes it the second map to have the UGX Standalone Mod on it. It's hard to explain exactly what it was supposed to be so I'll just make up a story. There once was a princess locked in a multistory warehouse-like building and you had to open like 10 consecutive doors to get to her and she liked the UGX Mod and she's not a princess she's a PAP machine. Yep, I think I nailed it.

What we liked: I've played a lot of version 1, the early version, and like that there are several really good camping areas and some wide open space to run when you feel like doing that too. Version 2 ramped up the difficulty which is nice if you like to live life on the edge.

What we didn't like: It's not the most creative map in its design and really lacked any detail until version 2 came along. It was way too easy and there is no buyable ending or easter egg to speak of. There is also a bank on the map and I have no idea why unless you just want to see how quickly you can get to a million dollars using compound interest.

The final word: This map was good for a time when we just wanted another map with the UGX Mod on it and quality didn't matter as much. It's fun for a play through or two, but once you're done with it you may see very little reason to go back to it.



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