Creator: Lighthouse was made by DarkCoD5 and some of his other maps are Complex, System, UFSO and Ravage.

Basics: The map starts out on a cliff overlooking the ocean and there is a building next to you with tons of weapons inside. All the scenery is gorgeous and looks like a place that you'd want to vacation at and never leave...except for the zombies that are trying to eat you. Everything above ground looks great but there is still a whole underground area that needs to be unlocked and explored. Once underground it turns into a sinister looking Nazi compound that leads to something of a last stand area.

What we liked: I have played this map quite a few times and it remains one of my favorites. For starters it's an amazingly good looking map especially considering that it came out back in 2009. Considering that even now a lot of map makers use bland textures and colors for the walls and ceilings and the maps are very small and dark it is amazing that this map was ever made. There are so many places to camp, run circles and mow down the zombies, it's a campers paradise for sure.

What we didn't like: It is pretty slow going for the first few rounds as the zombies have to come from very far away in order to get to you and they don't seem to be in any particular hurry. Best to grab the sniper rifle and just dispatch them quickly. Toward the underground last stand area the zombies get pretty glitchie and just start dying by themselves which really sucks and there is no real point to the map outside of survival. An easter egg or buyable ending would have been nice, but then again, no maps had those features back when this map was made.

Final Word: It is a pretty easy map to survive on especially if you stay above ground, so the lack of challenge may turn some people off. Still, it's a really fun and gorgeous map and deserves to be appreciated. I would give a king's ransom to have the UGX Mod on this map.