Last Stand Elite


The Last Stand

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Created by: Quizz

The Basics: You and your team have been sent back in time to acquire the Nazi's Matter Transporter specs which will...stop the zombies? Stop the Nazis? Save the planet from global warming? Play it to find out!

What We Like: Everything. This map is one of the few maps that has god-like status in my mind. One of the maps that I cursed its difficulty until I figured out a strategy that would work. The map looks amazing, nothing short of a work of art. TONS of custom guns, a fun and challenging easter egg, 9 hidden songs, custom powerups, a custom wonder weapon, hidden winnable ending, new zombie model, ubernades, impact-nades, and I'm sure I'm missing some features. The layout of the map is also very well done, Quizz didn't cheap out anywhere on this map.

What We Don't Like: I honestly can't think of anything that I didn't like, but if you can think of a complaint after spending a week straight scouring the map to find one problem you should probably just shut your face.

The Final Word: This map is a very complete and enjoyable zombie killing experience from beginning to end and is one of those maps that, as more maps come out that don't live up to LSE, its greatness is just all the more solidified in the halls of custom zombie Valhalla. Go play this map!


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