Kino: The Rebirth


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Creator: Smasher248 with help from Arceus and BluntStuffy

The Basics: Kino der Toten was an old dirty run down theatre. You survived Kino and escaped to tell about it. From their you've seen many machine of mystery and horror; teleporters and time travel devices, machines that have the power to bring the dead back to life as well as alter history itself. The machines have learned from past failures and have built this new Kino in their image. A high tech merging of metal, wires, cables, electronics and a horde of new zombies stand in your way. "Who will survive, and what will be left of them?"

What We Liked: The map start you off by setting itself apart with a really cool helicopter ride which drops you right down into the starting area. This time around there is a whole new arsenal of futuristic weaponry with different attachments to add plenty of weapon variety. There are twice as many perks as the original map, but players are still limited to pick their 4 favorites so choose wisely. The map looks amazing with Smasher giving Kino a complete futuristic overhaul along with a few minor changes to the actual map itself like additional drop-down areas to give you a bit more freedom navigating the map and may just save your life if you find yourself in trouble. Not enough can be said about how fun this map looks, it's easy to see that Smasher had a great time making this. The teleporter works great and you'll never teleport back to the spawn area and get killed off immediately by a crowd of zombies waiting for you which is a nice feature that I'm glad he got right. There is also a Panzer Soldat boss here that replaces the dog rounds. It feels like a war going up against this Panzer and it is an awesome challenge.

What We Didn't Like: Really everything that I didn't like about previous versions of this map have been fixes. No more scientist from the map "Five" and the teleporting crawlers have been replaced/nerfed significantly.

Final Word: All things considered this is an amazing remake that stands tall beside the likes of Nacht der Untoten Reimagined as one of the few remakes to actually get it right. If you were ever a fan of Kino this is going to feel like a dream come true and you should feel right at home on this map remembering a simpler time when an easter egg was activating a song and we played only for high round bragging rights.