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Created by: Shinged

Hey guys, this map is based on the game Kingdom Hearts, with various model's ripped from the game and rigged by me and my friend Josemassacre. The map offers buildable power, buildable mystery box, and a buildable wonder weapon. There are 4 ported stages/worlds ripped the game and clipped out by me. There is a 3 Keyblade easter egg required to reach the buyable endgame area that will play a cinematic (Cinematic only works in SOLO play but buyable endgame still functions in coop).

~IMPORTANT~If you want the intro cinematic and buyable endgame cinematic (Both solo only) then you need to drag the main folder into your Call of Duty World at War root directory. If you are unsure on what to do then follow this short tutorial below.



If you have any questions, comments or any of the links are broken please email me at Thanks : )