Kill House


kILL House 1


Creator: Shippuden1592 is the creator of this map; his other maps are The Cobos and Minecraft V2

The Basics: This map is pretty much a brick-by-brick remake of the intense, tight-quartered Call of Duty 4 multiplayer map “Killhouse”, but with some welcome modifications to make it worthy of being a standalone zombie map. Being more-or-less one room with some built in objectives, it plays a lot like a challenge map so that is what I ended up grading it as.

What We Like: Single room maps typically suck; that is almost a universal truth. This map however does not. The map looks pretty good with the look and feel mimicking its older brother quite well. The shootable teddys to open the power switch, the teleporter to get to the PAP machine and buyable ending as well as the perk bottle hunt in order to get some of the perks all kept you going with little things to do. While you are enjoying all the BO, Modern Warfare, MW2 weapons and BO perks you still need to keep in mind that the zombie's health is scaling rapidly and it's becoming VERY challenging to take down the zombies in the limited space that you have. The custom drops are a godsend especially when you're running on empty with a horde behind you and your buddy picks up an unlimited ammo drop.

What We Didn't Like: During the rounds you pretty much have to keep to the far sides of the map because trying to run through the middle while the zombies are spawning in will lead to almost certain death and strategically taking cover will be of no benefit in this version. This cuts you off from most of the map and then you can only really take in the sights after you've made a crawler.

Final Word: If you can look at this as a challenge map and see how fast you can beat it or just see how long you can survive while checking out the sweet guns then you should have a good time. If one room doesn't cut it for you no matter how well it's decorated or how many bells and whistles it has then you may be left wanting more.


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