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Created by: Blink-420 ( R.I.P. Blink-420's political career)

The Basics: A racially charged map that makes the Ferguson riots look like merely a civilized exchange of ideas. The employees of this famous fried chicken restaurant are either all burn victims or else this mapper has some explaining to do to the NAACP. And why are we told to gun down countless unarmed civilians...er, zombies? This mapper better come clean and apologize for this offensive map that has just set racial equality in our country back 50 years – Oh Lawdy, Lawd!

What We Liked: The starting area playing solo was pretty tough, took me about 6 tries before I reached a safe distance from the zombie spawns. For being a small map there was still a lot to open and TONS of guns to purchase. There is even a mystery box that dispenses PAPed guns. It's got a good amount of perks as well as a PAP machine that you can teleport to. There is a buyable ending and since the map has a great last stand camping area you are sure to get your 50k pretty quick, just don't spend all your money on chicken and biscuits with the gravy from heaven...Colonial Sanders...spices...Obama...

What We Didn't Like: The fact that Rev. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton don't make an appearance during a boss round.

Final Word: This concludes the fast food trilogy that Blink-420 has given to the world. It's fun, it's fast paced and the ammunition is endless. Grabs some friends, some fried chicken and put a few rounds into that Colonial Sanders poster and lets take back America from those white, racist, plantation owning, stupid mustache wearing, narrow minded, right wing, war mongering, arrogant, oil tycoon, gun loving, tobacco chewing, country music listening...um...not sure how to end this rant, uh...I AM TRAYVON MARTIN! Peace out!



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