Insane 1

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Created by: Don Goony aka The Zombie Don

The Basics: You are trapped inside of a VERY messed up psychiatric hospital. Nothing is as it seems and you are going to see things in this map that seem to bend the laws of the universe and make you question your own sanity. Are the zombies the patients or are you? The truth maybe be more disturbing than you want to think.

What We Liked: This map boasts a lot of features including zombies with guns, custom drops including one that gives you money, doorways that can trop you inside with large spikes rising in the doorways, buildables, custom sounds, custom traps, a moving lunar lander pad, COD 4 dogs instead of hellhounds and a very generous bank and gas masks to allow you to survive certain rooms. The gameplay quickly becomes a totally off the wall experience where teamwork and keeping your composure are a must.

What We Didn’t Like: The map doesn’t look the greatest and there are no real custom weapons. Also, figuring out what you are supposed to do can be a bit confusing but thankfully there are people on YouTube who know what to do : )

Final Word: This is a map that certainly lives up to its name by providing an experience that you won’t find anywhere else…for the better or worse. It’s crazy and chaotic and if that’s your thing you will be right at home here, on the other hand it may prove to be a bit too strange for some.


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