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Created by: StevieWonder

The Basics: Somehow Stevie managed to perfectly depict the location I grew up in right down to the placement of the dumpsters where I would sleep and look for food. And while the people following you in this map are more aggressive than my neighbors I still think we smelled worse than these guys here.

What We Liked: Stevie's work at creating a small industrial map is masterful and is a great preview to the kind of wonders that we can expect from his upcoming map Oil Rig. The map looks bright and attractive while capturing a gritty rundown section of warehouses and back-alleys. The guns are probably the star of the show with everything that you could imagine being thrown into the mystery box as well as some really nice guns on the wall too. The buildable Shield and Sliquifier were a blast and gave you an extra boost of offense and defense which you will need because the enemies are merciless. There are the Juggernaut Bosses, Super Sprinting zombies as well as teleporting, EMP and jumping Nova Crawlers. Yea, if you don't have a plan you're gunu die.

What We Didn't Like: Nothing really to dislike here. Maybe the lack of things to do as it's only a survival map – no real objective or buyable ending.

The Final Word: This map is a lot of fun and as with a ll maps is more fun with friends. So if you're interested in a back-alley beauty who will treat you right while smelling oh so wrong then this is the place you want to be.


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