Illuminati Island


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Creator: This map was created by Chunkdogg9.

The Basics: Apparently you have willingly come to an island in the Bermuda Triangle to discuss Element 115 and some scientists are experimenting with it and something goes wrong. How many times are we going to retread this story? Oh wait, I missed a part. Bla, bla, bla, Illuminati, bla bla bla.  Fortunately everything after the back story is much better.

What we liked: Overall the map looks really good you can tell the mapper didn't cheap out on the detailing which is always nice to see. There are a couple places that you can run circles but even those places aren't really wide open so you always have that feeling of danger which keeps the tension at a good level. I even found a couple good camping spots that you can hold down for a while before you need to bail out so it was nice to see this type of gameplay variety available. The easter egg was fun and somewhat challenging and it made sense with the theme of the map.

What we didn’t like: The island felt small and since I was having so much fun I wanted it to be larger than it was with more places to explore. Even though you are given a list of 5 objectives to complete only 2 of them require any real effort on your part so it would have been nice to have a few quests to go on. There are a few pathing issues here and there where the zombies will derp for a second or they take the long way around an obstacle to get to you, but it never ruined my game.

The final word: This is a really good looking map and it's easy to tell that the mapper thought through the layout quite a bit and really nailed the genuine feel of a small island with a ton of vegetation overgrowth. It may be a bit small and could benefit from a few more objectives but overall I had a great time and I think that with the tight quarters it will make the other competitive UGX game modes really shine.


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