NOTE: When loading this map, type: /map nazi_zombie_tutorial

Creator: BobboHobbo (a complete genius)

The Basics: You find yourself in the lobby of a mysterious hotel and the undead are breaking in, what will you do? Will you comp their rooms or make them pay with their non-living lives? Today, you are part soldier, part hotel manager, but all butcher! Also, will you find the secret device to bend the laws of time-travel and go further into the zombie experience than you even thought possible?

What We Like: This map excels in its simplicity. There is only one area that the zombies spawn from, but can you survive infinite waves of them? What if you could skip as many rounds as you want to and see what the its like to kill zombies on round 100 or 300 or even higher? The choice is yours, hit the magical button and advance the round by 1 each time you press it. How many times will you press it, how far will you go? Can you even handle a horde of zombies with near infinite health? Make sure to grab the Wonderwaffle and PAP that beast, you are going to need it.

What We Didn't Like: This map came out YEARS ago so it's really not even fair to compare it to maps that have come out recently. It doesn't have any custom features, it doesn't look very good,  it's got stock WAW guns, the 4 basic perks and no real exploration to do. Also, if you don't like to camp then you won't like anything about this map.

Final Word:  This map exists for the sole purpose of grabbing a buddy and hitting the button to advance the round over and over again until you can't take it anymore. It's pretty scary to reach a round so high that unloading an entire clip of Reaper ammo into a zombie's head does nothing, but it does make for an interesting and exciting challenge for anyone brave enough to take it on.


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