Hotel Version 2

Hotel 1

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(As of April 17th, 2015 updated with a variety of bug fixes)

Mappers: HitmanVere & Lukkie1998

The Basics: This is a modern remake of the classic custom zombie map Hotel. The zombies flood in from the basement and you must hold them back as you make your way floor by floor to the roof where you make your stand against the undead.

What We Liked: The map gets a much needed face-lift looking almost Black Ops 2 in its visuals. The map is packed full of Black Ops, Black Ops 2, MW2, MW3, Ghost & Advanced Warfare guns. There are also 8 perks, the Ammo-Matic machine, a Grenade Launcher, hidden satchel charges that do insane damage when you PAP them & (drum roll please) the return of the Round Skip Button. Hit this button and the round will advance by one. Hit this button as many times as you'd like but just be sure you've got the fire power to keep the horde at bay. Lastly, there is a buildable, buyable ending - enjoy.

What We Didn't Like: Nothing really, this is exactly the remake I've been waiting for.

Final Word: This map was make with one goal in mind: instant fun. It's not a complex map but it scratches that itch of just wanting to get waste deep in zombie guts with big guns at tons of chaos.



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