Hobo Ville

Hobo 1

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Creator: Weezy428

The Basics: A hobo village which was rampant with disease and infection has now been completely devastated by both the outbreak and military action. Signs that the CDC tried to contain the outbreak are present, but it is clear to you that containment has failed and it is up to you to take matters into your own hands and win the day for all humanity.
Another map of Weezy’s which is totally underrated; I can’t believe what is happening to this guy. First, Nacht der Toten Walder gets zero love from the community for over a year after its release and then this one explodes onto the scene like 10 tons of C4 and yet fizzles out without getting the appreciation it deserves. Never fear though, I am about to explain why.

What we liked: The pluses in this column are obvious, right? I mean the map looks amazing! The detail is outstanding; maps that look this good come out once a year, maybe. Even the areas where zombies spawn from behind barriers are given so much attention you actually wonder if you are supposed to be able to get back there. No doubt it’s totally confusing at first because of the layout, but the more times you play this map the more you begin to understand how Weezy has woven this whole map together to make it work. This map is BIG, but once you realize how many areas connect because of how intricate it is all laid out you see that it’s really quite ingenious.  When you play this map you are going to think that it is huge, and that may be true, but it’s compact as well. There is very little unused area and the map is filled with areas that overlook other areas which you can get to once you find the correct route or unlock the appropriate debris. This is straight up genius to the power of Weezy. This is also why you need to have 3-4 players to truly take it all in because if you are unfamiliar with the map or you are running solo you are going to be overwhelmed – this is not bad, this is getting lost in a world that has been created to draw you in and test you.

This map boasts BO1 & 2 guns, custom wall weapon boxes, BO1 & 2 zombies, 8 perks an ammomatic machine, Hazmat player models from BO2, a custom HUD, soul chests complete with a very nice reward, teleporters, custom sounds and a beautiful working waterfall.

What we didn’t like: The reason why this map gets a bad rap from people is 3 fold, so hear me out. First off, most of the map is setup almost maze-like and you combine that with heavy detailing and you begin to feel like too much is being thrown at you at one time. It feels like everything in the map is screaming at you to “Look at me!”, but you can’t take it all in at once - it’s like visual overload. Secondly, because of the claustrophobic, ultra tight map layout it must be played with 3-4 people in order to not feel like a complete deathtrap. Yes, it can be done with fewer players, but that is going to require much more skill and effort than the typical zombie player can muster. But bring 3-4 players to the party and this will feel amazing, still chaotic, but it’s going to feel at least possible to win. The last issue with this map is the objectives; you have an insane # of barriers to purchase and then a couple of the objectives take flat out dumb luck in order to figure out – this really bothered me and no doubt any complaint about this is completely valid.

The final word: There is no question that this map was made with 3-4 players in mind much like Treyarch zombie maps are, and even then this map will take a few playthroughs in order to get a good grasp of the layout of the map. But once you know what you are supposed to do this map can be beaten in less than 20 rounds and you will feel like you summited Everest when you do finally achieve success. Please don’t sell this map short; it’s a modern work of art and the latest offering to the community from a mapper who loves detail, loves making maps and genuinely brings his absolute best to the table with every map he makes.



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