Futurama 1

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Created by: CanadianTyler

The Basics: Mutants have take over Planet Express and have shutdown the power to the ship. You must find a way to restore the ship's power and escape the mutant invasion.

What We Liked: This looks just like Futurama! I smiled ear to ear when the map loaded and I found myself in the TV room staring at Hypnotoad on the TV screen. There are a few references to jokes from the show throughout the map which add to the fun. The map does use the UGX mod but many of the guns have been modified so it feels fresh. There is a pretty fun objective on the map as well which will end with a modestly priced buyable ending.

What We Didn't Like: Some places on the map look a bit empty and some extra detail would have been nice. Also, if I was making a Futurama map I'd pack it full of jokes from the show and while there was some more would have been even better.

Final Word: This map totally feels like Futurama so grab some friends or go through it solo and then you too will giggle like a school girl when you get a chance to hop into the suicide booth. Let's try for a twofer!



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