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Creator - The one and only...Aidan!

The Basics - There are 4 forts on the map and you must run inside one before the timer is up or else you will be randomly put into one of them. The door locks behind you and for the entire round you cannot get out. You must keep the zombies from entering your fort and killing you.

What We Liked - A very original idea and a whole lot of fun if you like camping. There is a mystery box in each fort so you always have access to more weapons. There is also a very difficult easter egg which involves shooting strategically placed teddy bears. The way that the perks drop in the corner of the room is very cool also and the custom drops add to the variety as well.

What We Didn't Like - Um...if you like running a circle strategy you are out of luck. Also, there is zero map exploration and you don't unlock anything ever.

The Final Word - Fun, fun, freakin' fun! Play this map whenever you and your boys just want to sit around, shoot the bull and explode some zombie heads while your left hand is shoving potato chips in your mouth nonstop.



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