Fallout Assault Center

Fallout 1


The mappers who made Fallout Assault Center are Nickst98 & Weezy428.

The Basics:  Set in an unnamed east coast city in the U.S. Of A. presumably, you begin at the ground level of a giant highrise building that is in shambles. The area is completely devastated and the building you are in looks like it's almost ready to fall in right on top of you.

What we liked:  This map wears its greatest strength like a badge of honor and that is the fact that it looks so freaking amazing. The attention to detail is beyond obsessive and engrosses you in the map from the very beginning. There are quite a few places to go as you open up an impressive number of debris working your way to the roof of the building. Each area you enter looks distinctive enough from the previous one that you never feel like everything has been painted with the same war-torn brush. As you get higher in the building you see a detailed laboratory and scorched rooms where you can almost smell the ash and charred interior. There is also the PAP machine and the 4 standard perks.

What we didn't like:  The downside to this map caught me by surprise really. After being so overwhelmed by all the eye candy and dynamic visual presentation I got to the roof and realized that the experience was over. There were no objectives, no story really that I could tell and no buyable ending for closure. Considering how much time was spent on the appearance I thought for sure there would be something to do outside of pure survival. Also, some people might not like how linear the map is because even though there is a lot to see it is all pretty straight forward once you do a minimal amount of exploration.

Final Word:  This map was a lot of fun to play through a couple times and I could easily see myself picking it up again down the road just to be reminded of what pro mapping looks like. But without any objectives in this modern era of custom maps that really keeps it from being one of my favorites and from having the insane replay value that a map this good looking deserves. Maybe a version 2 will be released at some point and it’ll get beefed up a bit, who knows.