Exo Zombies

Exo 1

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Created by: Chromastone10

The Basic: Exo Zombies have come to the custom zombie scene. Chromastone actually beat out Sledgehammer and released his map first before the COD: Exo Zombies came out, so who copied who here? I think we already know the answer to that...shame on you Sledgehammer! 

What We Liked: Killing zombies in a pretty good looking facility with Exo Zombies coming after you. Yes, the zombies even have the suits on and some come with their own elemental effects as well to surprise you at every turn. Once you strap on an Exo Suit and begin flying around like a boss things go to a whole other level. You've got the latest in Advanced Warfare weaponry to assist you in your bloodthirsty quest for zombie domination or zombination and there is also a little EE that you can complete to get a VERY special weapon, he he he : ) 

What We Didn't Like: The EE is a bit short and it doesn't have a full on list of objectives. For me that's fine, for others - maybe not so much.

Final Word: Someone had to bring Exo Suits to Custom Zombies and Chroma did it first, so grab your Exo Suit, your guns, throw 'em in the PAP machine, jump around and have a great time while other chumps drop $15 on the freshly squeezed out 2015 COD zombie hype-factory product.



If you have any questions, comments or any of the links are broken please email me at tomikaze777@yahoo.com. Thanks : )