Estate of the Dead

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Created by: Jei9363

The Basics: You're rich, your pad is amazing, you party all night and sleep all day. You're living the dream in Los Santos, San Andreas, but life is about to get real. Zombies are breaking in, what will you do? Time to use all of your gadgets and perks of your privileged life to send the zombies back to the grave.

What We Liked: The look and layout of this map are incredibly fun with tons of places to drop down from and run to safety.  There are all Black Ops guns and perks along with a new custom perk that will allow you to defy gravity. There is also a cool Der Riese style catwalk that you can hold off the zombies on for those who love them some campin'! There are also custom traps throughout the map like a baseball lancher, a tennis ball shooter and several poison sprinklers all able to be controlled from anywhere by your very own I-phone er...I-Zom to avoid legal trouble. There is a fun way to get to PAP as well as a fun little objective that actually has to do with killing zombies.

What We Didn't Like: Nothing really.

The Final Word: A fantastic map that is full of creativity and fun features that will keep you entertained for a good while. Don't forget to buy some Grav-a-rita while you are there and maybe take the leap of faith if you are brave.