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Creator:  Hitler (Not really, I just don't know)

The Basics: It's a very Egyptian looking map and you begin in a room that has two windows to defend and there are also two exits leading out of the starting room. One says "Hard" and the other says "Easy", so depending on how insane you are feeling at the moment will determine which route you should take. To me it felt more like solo players should take the easy route but if you are playing with other people you should probably play the hard route.

What We Like: This map was a good change of pace. It was nice to see a map that made you progress through level by level knowing that once you go to a new area there was no going back to the previous one. It made it feel like you were really progressing through a game instead of just opening up one big facility.

What We Don't Like: After about 5 minutes I was pretty sick of only seeing that sand color. Also, once you make it through to final room there is really no reason to go back and play it again unless you want to try the other route, both ultimately take you to the same place though. There is no buyable ending, no custom anything on the map.

Final Word: This is a map that will be good for 1 or 2 playthroughs but after that you may not feel any reason to go back to it. Not sure if I'd have spent the time mapping something with very little replay value, but to each his own.



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