Dixmor Asylum

Dixmor 2

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Mapper: Sevengpluge

Credits list (the longest in history)

MakeCents             Bwc66930
Rorke                       Tudark
vinnyz500              BluntStuffy
Midget Blaster      DidUknowiPwn
YaPhil                     Ege115
BYZM0Dz              Tom_BMX
jei9363                   shippuden1592
Harry Bo21           ConvictionNDR
HitmanVere          steviewonder87
rdv                          Death_reaper0   

treminaor              chromastone10
Rollonmath42       n123q45
thezombiekilla6    codmoddd1234
Ray1235                 elfenliedtopfan5
jzob123                  arceus
Marsvinking          FreezemanM8
Swazzy                    Paragalor
TheMightyDud      MGSKILLER23
Skript47                Weezy428
Zombiemodding.com, Undeadmodding.com

This map is based on the asylum from the game Manhunt 2 and as some of you know Manhunt 2 has the reputation of being one of the most brutal and graphically violent games ever made so sit back and enjoy a custom zombie tribute to brutal carnage.


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