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Created by: A-Grand - Thanks buddy : )

The Basics: After playing many of A-Grand's maps and enjoying them tremendously, I went to him with a map idea and after working at it and talking through it over and over this is the final product. A journey to the middle of an abandoned city overrun by the living dead. Will you be able to survive long enough to find a way of escape?

What We Like: The long winding journey to the center of the map is really fun and the layout was well done. Being able to go inside every building, get to the roof and jump to safety never gets old. Once you get to the middle of the map, activate one of the switches and the planks come out connecting the buildings; that is a REALLY cool feature. The UGX Mod was a great addition to such a large map.

What We Didn't Like: Since the map is so incredibly huge it was very hard to detail the map and you may get sick of looking at all the brown color and similar textures everywhere.

Final Word: I am very happy with the way this map turned out and am excited to see a map that I designed come to life. I hope that people enjoy this map, I know it really was a labor of love for both myself and A-Grand. Happy zombie killing my friends!


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