Der Riese Realism

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Mapper: BluntStuffy

Ideas by: Tomikaze & BluntStuffy

Description: Der Riese to the extreme x 10 to the power of Blunt. This is what a map remake is supposed to be. Evil, twisted, creepy and full of yummy secrets.

My favorite official COD zombie map has almost always been Der Riese. Treyarch did a great job with the layout of the map and making every room usable as you run this giant figure 8 in hopes of surviving just one more round. For a long time I've wanted to see a remake of this map done right with more than just a new coat of paint. Something that would innovate and really change the look and feel without removing the experience the we all came to know and love.

The ability to teleport between versions of the map (light and dark) was a must in what I wanted this map to be and truly makes this map a remake like no other.

BluntStuffy has done an amazing job bringing this creation to life and filling it with a lot of hellish detail and evil visuals. It was a blast to brainstorm ideas AGAIN for a map and Blunt always delivers in an incredible way that only he can. Thank you Blunt for all you've done creating this map, it's been a wild ride.