Der Berg

Der Berg 1

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Creator: c.h.n.

Setting: Let's say some mountains in Germany as Der Berg appears to be German for “The Mountain”. I really can't say Der Berg though without feeling like some retard asking for a hamburger. Doesn't quite sound as badass as Der Riese but whatcha gunu do?

Positives: Really just about everything that this map has to offer is a positive. For starters, as soon as the map begins you can tell the mapper was going for a Der Riese feel and he nails it. But where De Riese is a fairly small map by today's standards Der Berg is MASSIVE! It takes the Der Riese formula and many similar layout features like 3 linkable teleporters, a bridge that connects when power is turned on, a catwalk to camp on and and just then ratchets the size and detail to an eleven.
Looking out toward huge mountains and across vast open caverns is breathtaking. Many times I just made a crawler so I could look around and take it all in and that's really something that you should do on a map like this one.  Just take some time to appreciate how well constructed and beautiful this map is. The weather, the sound of the wind whipping through the mountains, great use of shadows, dripping water, steam spraying out of broken pipes and the crunch of snow underneath your feet are all represented here with stunning accuracy allowing you to really be immersed in the experience.
Did I mention that this map has a catwalk? Oh yes friends, back is the Der Riese style catwalk which many of us have spent countless hours of our lives camping on until we succumbed to how bad of a plan it is to camp in one place for too long, but man if it isn't still just as fun to do here!

Negatives: I absolutely disagree with the “feature” where if any zombie is like more than 20 feet away from you (slight exaggeration) they respawn essentially right next to you. I mean, your reward for running through 25 zombies all converging on you to use your intestines as a buffet line while you're using all of your ninja zombie maneuvering skills and making it to safety is only to find out that these zombies can teleport to whatever room you're in. I agree that it makes it more challenging but it also makes me feel like just staying in whatever room I'm in because running away does nothing.

Also, there are no real objectives on this map which many people have come to feel are just standard these days and if that is the case for you then this may feel like a huge strike against this map. But if you are happy to see a good old fashion high round map that feels like Der Riese but better then you won't mind it at all.

Conclusion: I know that we've seen Treyarch try their hands at a couple Der Reise re-releases but they have failed where this map succeeds and I believe that is to the credit of a mapper who remembers what people liked about the original but has the courage to take some chances and go bigger and in this case truly better. Everyone who is a fan of Der Riese will be right at home here and anyone who is a fan of good maps in general will find more than a few things to enjoy here. Thank you very much c.h.n. and to everyone who helped make this map possible.