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Creator: Smasher248

Setting: Some lab, zombie outbreak, make it out alive...same old tired formula, right? WRONG! You begin the map in a very impressive looking room with the option of 2 directions to go, which will you choose? Will one direction take you to safety while the other lead to certain death? Find out for yourself, space is limited and the zombies are hungry.

Postives: Smasher did a really good job detailing the map; most of the rooms look impressive and believable as a laboratory that has been overrun by the undead. He uses lots custom textures and the colors and lighting are very appealing and appropriate for their locations on the map. There are lots of fun guns to play with including Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 & 3 guns. There are 11 perks to buy, destructible glass to shoot, custom FX and a small objective to give you something to work toward if mere survival is not your thing. The layout is pretty fun for the most part and there is a downstairs area which is perfect for training zombies.

Negatives: My biggest complaint on this map is that the objective feels way too basic and then it punishes you with a 50,000 pt door which isn't even the end of the map! Without that, you'd probably finish the map in a matter of a few minutes, but now you're going to end up running endless circles in order to save up for the 50k door plus the other things you will be required to buy in order to win the map.

Conclusion: As good as the map looks and as fun as the guns are it may not bother you at all to do what the map requires of you in order to win. For me it's not a huge deal and I still had a great time along the way just picking up different guns and working my way toward the ending; after all we're still killing zombies and isn't that the main thing?



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