Dead Ship

pirate 3

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Creator: ZCTxCHAOSx

Setting: For those of ye salty old sea dogs looking for a swashbuckling good time filled with mystery, booty, and aggressive ,albeit ugly, wenches flocking after you then you've joined up with the right crew me hearties. However, if you are a scurvy, bilge-sucking blaggard who can't handle the open sea then this map will feed you to the fishes before you can say, “Yo-ho-ho and and a bottle of rum!”

Postives: This map looks flat out amazing and almost everywhere I looked had me thinking that I was actually on a ship sailing the high seas. The pieces of map that you had to collect was great, the pirate sword you could buy was fun and effective, the way you opened your way through the map was well done, the story that was told to you along the way was interesting...heck, turning the power on by lighting the furnace was a nice touch too. It was fun to be able to PAP your guns multiple times and the mini game was kinda cool too. The trap door was both funny and infuriating depending on if it just screwed over you or your buddy. I even like the new perks and the Quizz Mod and how you only get points for kills, this forces you to get high powered guns as soon as possible or else you are going to get overrun. It seems like nothing went unnoticed when this map was being made.

Negatives: I thought the layout of the map was its downfall. Unless you are a very, VERY good zombie player you aren't going to get anywhere on this map. You will be forced to camp the far end of the ship and pray that you get good guns out of the box so that you can survive long enough in order to figure out what you are supposed to do next. Also, the zombies spawn in with little warning; they're not rising, they're not pulling boards off windows, they are just appearing out of thin air...well, thin air covered in electricity. Also, most guns felt really underpowered and made PAPing ASAP mandatory. I felt like most guns should just be ignored and that there were just a handful of guns really worth getting.

Conclusion: This map offers zero forgiveness and in the end felt more like the best looking challenge map ever. You blaze through it as fast as you can and if you make one mistake then just restart and try again. Still, there is no denying everything that this map does right. It knocks it out of the park in the visuals and atmosphere department and if you can get a few good zombie players together you may be able to have one of the most frantic, white-knuckled zombie experiences ever.



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