Das Herrenhaus

Das Herr

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Created by: sethnorris

Description: Das Herrenhaus is a zombie single player/Co-op map based in Der Riese style scripts and tries to capture the kino der toten feel. It represents an elite boarding school ruled by nazi scientists.

Background Story: In the last days of WW2 a british paratrooper unit was sent to a remote place near the Rhine. What was told to the soldiers was that they were going to set free a boarding school ruled by a nazi officer, and identified member of the group 935, the doctor Hermann Schuster. However the destiny of that unit remains untold. Two months after, with the war finished, the strange place was closed and abandoned. Nothing was heard of the students, professors, the british soldiers or even the doctor Schuster himself. A week later, somehow, Richtofen landed the teleporter inside the cursed building... The locals still remember that night, those screams, those lights...

Features Overview:

  • Complete, circular and challenging map for regular zombie games

  • Perfectly working Bo1 Perks with Double tap 2.0

  • WW2 and cold war era themed guns with custom PaP and working attachments

  • Optional Major EE that starts with the release of a very hard Zombie Boss

  • Secondary EE for Wonder Weapon

  • Buildables

  • And much more I don't want to spoil