Dale’s Dock



Creator: This was the first map created by Trebeltom1, he has a second map called Compound.

The Basics: This was the mappers first map and it was also the first map to have the UGX Standalone Mod on it. It starts you out at a large boat dock or ship yard, something like that.

What we liked: Once you get a few doors open it has a real fun arena feel to it where you can just run around and kill zombies in a pretty open environment. What makes this map so cool to me is that there are several ways you can open the map up depending on how you want to play it. You want to camp? You can do that. You wanna train? You can do that too. It's a map that is very accessible to players of any skill level and the UGX Mod just plays to the strengths of this map perfectly.

What we didn't like: There is no easter egg and really no point to the map outside of opening up all the doors and seeing how long that you can survive so some people may get turned off by that. Also, it's not the most detailed map with a lot of gray everywhere.

The final word: I really like this map, to me the best thing about it is the catwalk which you can open from either side and just camp til...well forever. If you like maps that are just fun to run and gun arena style then this map is for you. If high levels of detail and easter eggs are what matter to you most then you may not have as much fun. Either way give it a shot.



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