Cube 1

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Creator: Soy-Yo

The Basics: Based on the sci-fi movie by the same name which means that you owe it to yourself to go watch it before someone forgets your birthday and you grim reaper yourself into the next life. But whatever, you find yourself trapped inside a series of square rooms all linked together. Think a Rubix cube of pain and suffering and you'll be on the right track. Think you can escape? Many have thought they could and have been oh so wrong. Will you be different?

What We Like: This map will rise to the ranks of one of the great challenges; like the map Bedroom before it this map will have you squeezing your sphincter praying for mercy but none shall be given. The unique theme and execution with rooms that shuffle so you'll have absolutely no idea what the next room is going to have in store for you will break even the strongest minds. The madness is intoxicating.

What We Didn't Like: There won't be much difference between one room and another visually speaking and if you are claustrophobic you may as well bail out now because this will be a nightmare come to life.

Final Word: Zombie players have always relied on memorizing the map layout in order to take advantage of the zombies and bend the map to their will, but when there is no set layout what are you supposed to do? Die, die and die again and love every minute of it. Your next breathe is not guaranteed; live each second like it's your last.


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