Crystal Lake

Crystal 1


Creator:  Pedrehitor

The Basics: Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake where years ago a retarded kid drowned because camp counselors were not watching over him. Forget the fact that his parents weren't around or even cared in the least where he was.  How bout some trivia? Q: How many people did Jason Voorhees kill in the first Friday the 13th movie? A: Zero, his mom was the killer in the first film.

What we liked: The mapper did a really good job with making this map feel like the camp from the movies. You have your secluded cabin by itself, a section of tents, a main camp activity area and even the infamous dock by the lake. The custom zombie skins are great and it was nice to see some custom guns in the mystery box. There are a few fun optional objectives like shooting teddy bears to open the PAP room and then filling all the soul chests must do something but I've never seen anyone complete that. 

What we didn’t like: The soul chests! For the love of god some of the soul chests are in places that are near impossible IF not completely impossible to fill up. Totally unnecessary spike in difficulty that serves only to make people rage. It's a cruel attempt at adding replay value to the map and in reality is just a kick to the junk.

The final word: This map is great at capturing the look and feel of a horror camp and the Jason-Zombies are very cool. Thankfully the soul chests are not mandatory to complete the map which keeps me from wanting to find the mappers home address and throw a brick through his window. Lots of fun to be had here so don't pass this one up.



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