Cryo 1

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Creator: MidgetBlaster

The Basics: This map is the new 2015 definition of insanity. This map was made just for fun by a very non-politically correct individual who not only wants to blast midgets, but has your player saying horrendous things as you liquefy group after group of Usain Bolt flavored zombies.

What We Like: A town where bloody snow falls from the sky, zombies explode out of the ground in a full on sprint, you've got more weapons than in every war mankind has fought & there are more colors here than at the Crayola factory. With Halo guns at your disposal including the energy sword, the Advanced Warfare AE4, perks out the ying-yang and the lunar landers are here and are essential to use. This map has tons of cleverly designed buildings with escape route at every turn and a high level of detail in many places. There are lots of soul chests to fill as well as a steep 420,000 point buyable ending, but getting interest with the bank makes that much more doable.

What We Didn't Like: SPRINTERS FROM THE BEGINNING!!! I understand that the running zombies are about the only thing that gives this map ANY challenge, but that is a design flaw in my opinion and people cover up these mistakes by doing their absolute best to make sure rounds 1-3 are the hardest things you will ever do...harder than coming out of the closet to your parents or performing open heart surgery with zero prior experience. 

Final Word: Yes, this map is SUPER fun even with its glaring drawback. Once you get Jug and Staminup you will never get touched by a zombie again, from then on just enjoy all of the wonderful goodies this map has packed into it.


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