CPH: Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital


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If you need a walkthrough of all the steps to the objectives here it is from FrankytheMonkey, accept no substitutes: 

Creator: Chromastone10

The Basics: You wake up in the lobby. You wonder what's going on. The sickness that you heard about on the news seems to be doing strange things to people. Is it going to happen to you? Are you infected? Can you escape and if so how do you get out? Proceed with caution in this terrifying tale of  Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital.

What We Liked: This map looks like a freaking mental institution of serious unpleasantness and I mean that in the best way possible. The looks of this map match perfectly with how the mapper wants you to feel inside while you are making your way through. Normally it bothers me to have so much brown and gray all around me because it makes me think that the mapper doesn't care, but I did not feel that way this time around. The reason being is that there are creepy sounds everywhere that contribute to the uneasy feeling you will have constantly, but not only that, the events in this map are outstanding. Like the way the witches spawn in certain places, the engineer spawning in and tormenting you and that's not even mentioning the objectives. The objectives fit right in with the theme of the map and where actually FUN TO COMPLETE!!! The prisoner behind the door was masterfully done and the conclusion to his mini-quest made me sit there for a minute and contemplate whether I did the right thing by opening that door. Another thing I want to mention; since this map is a hospital there are going to be corridors and lots of rooms, it just has to be that way or else it wouldn't feel like a hospital, but another thing that Chroma gets right is that you still don't feel like there is any wasted space. You genuinely use every room and hallway in this map multiple times for good reason and that was very well done. Lastly, the guns were fun as was the shield and the Cerberus dogs were cool to see and added to the evil/demonic feel of the map.

What We Didn't Like: The Cerberus growling and the boss voice seemed really loud and overtook the audio when I was nearby. Also, finding 8 tapes I thought was a bit much. I don't mind finding 3 or 4 of something, but 8 of the same freakin' thing just seemed like, “Well, we're out of ideas, let's have them search around for an hour for a bunch of identical trinkets.”

Final Word: Great map layout, detailed pretty well, creepy sounds which added so much to the map and fun objectives; what more could you ask for? Now seeing people beating the map within the first 7-8 rounds it may make you think that it's too short and not worth playing, but that's not the truth at all. Stay as long as you'd like, enjoy the atmosphere, appreciate


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