COD4: Backlot

Backlot Main 600x338

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Created by: ConvictioNDR

The Basics:
 A remake of the Modern Warfare multiplayer map by the same name and as we all know remakes are never as good as the originals, right? Well...shut your stupid mouth! This version has zombies in it and is more than capable of coring a hole through your chest before you even hit the ground. Yep, that Ebola test came back and you are dead.

What We Liked:: ConvictioNDR makes maps and he makes them look good, so as you can imagine this map is gunu look yummy. He spared no expense in detailing this map with extreme prejudice and even without anything to do on this map it would be worth playing a few times. BUT, lucky for you there is plenty to keep you busy on this map with many special challenges that reward you for getting tons of kills, headshots, knife-kills and more. The maps also has Black Ops perks, a custom perk and an interesting way to PAP your guns. There is even an easter egg that will benefit you mightily if you know something about the sci-fi TV show, Dr Who.

What We Didn't Like: This map is hard and doesn't have a tremendous amount of room to work with so if you are a fan of open space then just know that you aren't going to find much here. Also, many of the special challenges on this map are very similar the the ones that ConvictioNDR used on his previous map SOG, so if you didn't like them on that map then you won't like them here either. No room to run + Sprinters = nuff said.

The Final Word: A really great multiplayer remake that throws you into the zombie outbreak. A very fun map especially with friends and the nostalgia alone will be worth the experience. It's probably going come down to how much you like the the objective style that ConvictioNDR implements in his maps as to whether you will want to see this map through to the end, but still a valid entry into the custom zombie community for anyone who craves a good looking and challenging map.



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