Civil Nativity


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Mappers: SirJammy & Lukkie1998

Setting: Some maps look kinda like they take place in a city, but this maps is the city that all those maps wish they could be. This map is jaw-droppingly gorgeous so bow the knee right now. There are very large buildings all around and giant snow drifts that make you feel small while working your way from area to area. The mountains in the distance are a nice touch and go great with the overall feel of the map.

Pros: This map looks out of this world good. Sure it's a large section of a destroyed city but it has been masterfully done; the work of a true artist. And it isn't just that it looks good, but the layout has been done very well too with overpasses that have been destroyed in the middle of the road high in the air and an underground subway station detailed to perfection. Everywhere on this map looks so good which is made even more impressive by the fact that this was all done in less than 2 months for the YouAlwaysWin Christmas Map Contest. There is a simple easter egg that will have you filling Soulstones to unlock a 30k buyable ending. There are also 10 snowmen around the map and once you shoot their hats off you get a special reward that you are going to want to get, trust me. There's like one good place to run circles on this map but even in that area I had my far share of near death experiences which kept the tension high throughout my playthrough. It also has the perks and guns that come compliments of the UGX-Mod.

Cons: Other than filling the Soulstones there isn't a whole lot to do; I think having a few more objectives would have taken this map from very good to legendary.

Conclusion: Every direction you look on this map offers a breathtaking view and I found myself taking dozens of screen-shots with plans to wallpaper my room with this amazingly detailed map, I really wanted to stay longer and just wish the map had given me more of a reason. Still, it's great fun and truly deserving of high praise.


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