Christmas with the Joker



Created by: WhippyTrout in his first public release! 

Setting: It's Christmas and the Joker has escaped his cell and has taken over Arkham Asylum. So, Batman and friends must stop him...but wait! The Joker has also released every one of Batman's most feared enemies to make this task more of a challenge than teaching a paraplegic to ride a bicycle. Oh, and did we mention Commissioner Gordon is being held hostage? Freakin' Gordon!

Positives: This is a challenge map so this is going to be hard and replay value will be very high. There are also so many custom features in this map it will make you think that every other mapper out there is a lazy S.O.B.  There are tons of custom textures, player models, zombie models, hidden songs, custom songs, surprise boxes, custom melee weapons, custom audio for each villain and much more.  Each area of this map looks distinctively different from its predecessor since each area is themed to fit a different supervillain from the Batman universe. It looks and feels different than anything else out there mainly because it has so successfully made you believe you are in a DC Comic world and not playing a custom zombie map...except for the zombies.

Negatives: This is a really hard map and having to start all over, over and over again can get frustrating and you may seriously begin to wish there was a save point that you could come back to. This has a lot to do with the fact that the map is SO freaking expensive that even if Batman liquidated the entire Wayne estate he still wouldn't be able to pay for half of the doors. Also, there are a few areas here and there where the zombies get caught temporarily or they run away from you for a few seconds before they realize that you are right behind them. Or, this simply may just be standard comic book henchmen intelligence in which case WhippyTrout has captured this perfectly as well. 

Conclusion: A map quite like this just hasn't really come out before and it's such a breath of fresh air to be able to experience something that looks so original. Yea, it may be linear and simple in its approach but that doesn't detract from how fun it is to play and how great it is to see all the custom features that suck you into this Joker and Company themed Christmas adventure.  Merry Christmas everyone!


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