Chemplant Elite


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Created by: Nelwyn

The Basics: Welcome to the Chemical plant that made possible the different versions of Michael Jackson's face over the years. This 10 story high-rise looks big from the outside but is cramped and deadly on the inside, so come armed with your zombie killing skills and maybe some child molester repellant.

What We Like: THE PANZERSHARK!!! Yes friends, this map has a rocket launcher that shoots sharks and it's as amazing and overpowered as it sounds. Also, it's nice to see a map that you can move through vertically instead of just running around on a flat area. While the inside of the building looks pretty bland the exterior looks very detailed and looking out from the roof of the building is really cool. The mystery box has Paped weapons in it, and the basement is really well detailed as well as holding an interesting secret. Also, being a Shi No Numa style map there are only 24 zombies per round which makes the rounds go by fast and can make it a fun map to get to high rounds on.

What We Don't Like: Because there are Paped weapons in the mystery box it costs 2000 a hit, so try not to pull the Kar98. The tight quarters may intimidate the claustrophobic and running to the roof doesn’t offer much relief as the zombies are very adept at scaling the sides of the building (which I think is really cool). If you are playing solo you will die over and over again until you figure out a sustainable strategy, but many people may throw in the towel before they figure this map out. Also, there is no buyable ending so your only reward is surviving longer than the last time.

The Final Word: I think this map is a lot of fun and once you figure out your system for survival you’ll feel like a zombie killing BOSS. The Paped box guns and the secret basement make for extra fun. Once you master it you may feel very little reason to come back, but if you do get to that point you’ve probably already gotten your money’s worth so move on. I give this map a Panzershark out of 10.