Mapper: Ping998


The Basics: This map is set in a small village located in the English Countryside that has been overrun by the undead. You will need to find 3 power switches, 4 other hidden switches and then make your way down into the Crypt in order to purchase your freedom.


What we liked: There are no wall weapons on this map which I thought was really cool because then you actually NEED to use the mystery box, which, fortunately for us is filled with Black Ops weapons and not the World at War garbage. There are 8 perks total on this map, 4 WAW and 4 Black Ops perks including Double Tap 2.0. There are searchable crates everywhere for those people who like searching for extra treasure or maybe even a free gun and there is also a PAP machine on the map to give you something else to spend your money on. The map looks decent enough so you can at least tell the mapper gave his best effort.


What we didn’t like: The objectives for completing the map only show up once in the game at the very beginning, so either write them down or remember how many of each switch you need to be looking for. I believe one of the objectives is to buy all 8 perks but you can complete the map without buying any of them if you choose. It’s a really easy map with places to camp or run trains depending on what you’d rather do which removes any fear of death pretty quickly as long as you at least get Jug.


Final word: The thing I like the MOST about this map is that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It doesn’t force you to buy twenty 2000pt debris until you get to a 100,000 pt buyable ending when you can tell that it was all just a cruel way to make you stay in the map 10 rounds longer than it deserved. This mapper wasn’t trying to take down Treyarch with this map, but simply to put some enjoyable elements into a map and in the end created a pretty fun experience worthy of at least a playthough or two.



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