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Creator: The mapper who made this is DeCap and I don't know of any other maps he has made.

The Basics: From what I gather the map is based of of the fall of Berlin in 1945. So, you play a bank teller who is on duty when thousands of Nazis storm the bank trying to withdraw their money after they realize that their country is going to crap. At least the premise is original.

What we liked: For starters the map looks really good and it has a fun layout to it. Also, the map has a ton of features; it's got auto turrets, mortars, satchel charges, a custom vending machine, custom textures and custom FX as well as being one of the first maps to have rain, thunder and lightning. The most amazing thing however was watching like 15 zombies all jump over a piece of office furniture and rush me, I was scared and in awe at the same time. Lastly, it's a great map for leveling up quickly using the Realism mod given how quickly the zombies just flood into the building.

What we didn’t like: After round 2 all the zombies are insanely fast and they never let up, this may irritate some people. Also, there is no PAP machine, but other that that I never found anything else to complain about.

The final word: I love almost everything about this map and being able to play it with Realism is a great addition. If you don't like this map I might just hate you. It represents everything that is right about zombies in my opinion; huge good looking facility, breakneck pace, never feeling safe and the perfect level of difficulty.

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