Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar 1

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Creator: CanadianTyler

The Basics: You are aboard the Battlestar Galactica. A space battleship on a quest to find Earth. All of a sudden three ships are picked up on DRADIS. It's the Cylons. (Cylons are a race of robots that were made by humans, then turned against them). A short time later you hear screams. They're members of your crew running at you. Something is not right, they are trying to eat you!! The Cylons must have somehow infected the crew.

What We Like: The map looks very clean and a heck of a lot like the interior of a space ship. It's got the UGX Mod on it so I recommend playing with Arcade Mode instead of Classic Mode. There are some good camping areas and some training areas as well so surviving is pretty easy if you're in the right places. There is a fun little objective that requires to you to shoot 11 spy devices scattered around the map which will unlock the buyable ending.

What We Didn't Like: The map could use more detail as some places look empty, more like an abandoned space ship than one that actually be still in use. The camping and training spots reduce the difficulty down to about zero.

Final Word: A really fun effort by CanadianTyler, for those who have been paying attention in the community we've been looking forward to this one for a long time, glad to see it turned out so well.



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