Baseball Field II


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Created by: Bamskater

The Basics: Two years ago Bamskater downloaded the COD mod tools and made his first map Baseball Field. Now Bam has remade that map using everything that he has learned since then.

What We Liked: The map looks crazy-good and evil too. You start out on the ground of a destroyed baseball stadium but it doesn't take too long before you are high up in the air running around, going through portals and flying through the air on a jet engine launcher and ziplines. This map makes great use of heights and really does capture the feeling of being dangerously far from the ground. There are 11 perks but you can only have 4 at a time and some of them are crucial to surviving certain parts of the map. There are also trashcans lying around that allow you to sell all your perks back for a full refund so that you can go buy different perks if you'd like. There a lots of custom zombie models that look great and even a short easter egg to get to the PAP machine. Also, there are a few ported weapons, a custom wonderweapon and a even a custom drop that will either give you a wunderwaffe or deathmachine for a short time.

What We Didn't Like: There are very few good weapons on the wall which makes you lean heavily on the mystery box, unfortunately there isn't much in the mystery box worth getting either. It would have been nice to see an easter egg lead to an optional buyable ending for those of us who long for that feeling of accomplishment when a map tells us we've won.

Final Word: This map is flat out fun and offers you a variety of ways to play the map and different paths to take through the map to get from place to place. I highly recommend this map for anyone looking for an extremely unique and memorable zombie slaying experience. Play ball!


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