Asylum V2

Asylum 1

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Mapper: Smasher248

Welcome to Asylum v2, this is one of the harder maps with all the zombies at full throttle. with the boss zombie Brian, your skills will be tested... but don't worry along side you there will mw guns specially designed for zombie killing and pack-a-punchable . there are also the bo perks and the following bo2 perks: Whoswho, Electric Cherry and tombstone. the map is fairly large, and you don't want to waste points on doors you don't if you want to create the build-able buy-able ending which involves the construction of a Huey. if your in trouble run to the safe room and hit the control panel you will be free from zombie attacks for the time being. its the little things that make a map good and this map has lots of little things. these include hit-markers health/zombie counter hud and dolphin dive and the ability to jump onto objects without hitting a clipped barrier.if you think your good enough then there is a parkour area with a reward of toms katana(very powerful)


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