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Creator: Map created by the most humble mapper ever, Ali Nikfar : )

The Basics: The map takes place in a high rise office building/hospital/lab/military instillation. Almost ever picture in this map, and there are many, have the map makers face in them. For as good as this map looks it's almost creepy to see Ali around every turn staring at you, entering your soul, begging you to become one with his beautiful greatness...wait, what am I saying? Stop that Ali!

What we liked: The map maker must have spent an ungodly amount of time on just detailing this place because it looks phenomenal.  And given the limited space and narrow hallways you never really feel safe. There is also a very interesting easter egg that you must do in order to get to the buyable ending. There are six pieces of an amulet that you must find which unlock an important door and you have to find a diamond knife to access an axe which you need to get onto the roof in order to progress through the map. There are usable elevators, secret passage ways, and a gun store that you have to find the key for as well. There are custom weapons in the mystery box as well as custom skins for the zombies and the guns. This map also utilizes the ZCT Mod with its dropping perks, crazy variety of zombies and use of the Modern Warfare weapon set.

What we didn’t like: Nothing major. There are some ambient sounds and voices going through the air that start out creepy but can become annoying after a while. If you are a fan of maps with open areas just know this map is extremely close quarters unless you are on the roof. This isn't a huge deal, just something to think about. Also, you will probably kill all of your own AI teammates immediately for their weapons and ammo and because they are more annoying than helpful. So, who's the monster now you soulless murderer? Maybe the zombies were sent here to cleanse the earth of YOU! Ok, I'm done.

The final word: This map is a truly great experience. It is extremely difficult to find all the pieces to the easter egg if you've never played the map before, but once you get the hang of things and you begin to know what you are supposed to do it becomes a unique gaming experience and one that you will want to play over and over. I highly recommend this map.


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